Ceo’s Greeting


Up until now, the global smart mobile industrial environment has grown through enterprises’ competition in rapid changes and a paradigm of continuous collaboration.

The Republic of Korea has made constant innovation, leading technologies and services in the global level. Since its foundation in 2009, MOIBA has built the basis for coexistence and performed a variety of businesses through cooperation with companies in different fields such as mobile platform companies, mobile carriers, terminal manufacturers, and startups and several research institutes. We have played a pivotal role for revitalizing the mobile Internet industry in the Republic of Korea and securing our member companies’ competitive edge through various businesses such as relieving regulations, proposing policies, fostering global cooperation, supporting startups, and linking investments.

We hope you will be with us to discover new opportunities of business through numerous innovative enterprises in the Republic of Korea and encounter a creative mobile ecosystem with superior technologies, which everyone can usefrom all around the world.

Thank you.