Business Areas / Webtoon/Web-novel/e-book

Since its launch in 2008,BOOKCUBENETWORKS has secured content through exclusive publication contracts with more than 3,000 publishers and authors. The webtoon service, which started in 2015, focuses on contract with more than 200 writers and creating content that is desired by readers.


Business Areas / Production Pipeline Solution, Contents Production

BR Games is the leading developer of the Mobile Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game market and is looking to become a developer that supplies Real-time battle game engines(‘Arena Engine) and games. – Transformation and investment into MOBA game market engine company: Aena Battle Engine commercialization – Leading Role of MOBA Game Market Development Player: Operation of ‘Tales Arena’ and production of the next battle game – The role of a developer leading the growth of the mobile e-Sports market: Promoting joint work with the global e-Sports Association We will jointly develop various genres of games using various units and maps created in the game. – Formation of the One Source Multi Use Market: IP & Unit Trade Market.

Caret Games

Business Areas / Game

We are one of the top mobile game developers in Korea, founded by long career developers in 2015. About 50 executives and employees are developing mobile MMORPG to serve it globally. Our goal is to make mobile games that will astonish the world. It’s our mission to develop a high quality mobile game which can be enjoyed on consoles and PCs as well.


Business Areas / IT, Content, Animation

We are looking for a business partner who are willing to have agreement to provide their contents (webtoon and cartoon or digitalized published comic) and letting us to re-producing contents into webtoon movie and we also looking for a video platform business partner such as IPTV, OTT, or any other who are willing to publish webtoon movie that has been created by our team.

It was established with the aim of entertaining the world with its outstanding cultural skills. We’ve created a new genre of content called ‘Webtoon Movie.’ Webtoon Movie is a re-produced content in a lively video format with various video effects, camera effects, and sound effects in webtoons or cartoons. Webtoon movie is placed in the middle of cartoons and animations. This means that you can enjoy cartoons more easily and fun than comics, even faster and cheaper than animations. And for the content is in the form of a video, you can create new revenue by providing not only to webtoon platforms, but also any media that has video services. Our company is made up of 25 people. There is a technology development department and a creative research department in the company. The technology development department develops technologies for cultural contents and the creative research department develops webtoons and webtoon-movie content.


Business Areas / Webtoon contents planning / production

JAEDAM MEDIA Co.,Ltd. is a specialized company in comics with the motto of ‘Capturing all the fun in the world’. In the rapidly changing digital comics market, we wish to lead the digital comics market with creators and make contents that have ‘Fun & Joy’ for everyone by systemic planning, production, service, management and global business system. ▶ Major business fields: CMG Contents – Webtoon contents planning, production, service (publicity and brand webtoon) Management – Copyright rights management and second copyright Biz development Global – contents overseas import and export, comic translation, conversion business development.▶ Currently more than 480 works are on service in the domestic platforms. Consists of around 240 writers in total.


Business Areas / Game Development

We are looking for mobile game publisher, marketing agency who specialized in publishing anime genre mobile games.

We will bring madfun to worldwide, especially for sub-culture lovers.

NUSOFT Co., Ltd.

Business Areas / Software Development

 1. Hope to have a contract with a publisher for their main product ‘Three Kingdoms infinite challenge: feature’ sales to the local and close area.
2. Hope to have an investment and early publishing contract of their new title ‘God of Highschool Ragnarok’

Jump with IP-based core game know-how, 5 years As NU studio, we developed big projects for 5 years, using intellectual property. Whit this, we constructed efficient process model! we got Fast developing, Best art, plus Innovation. Strengths of NU, are Stable developing technology, Solid valance and Creative game design very fast, remarkable in South Korea, We make good game in a good team, with 5 yrs team work and performance hyper quality game.


Business Areas / Contents production/ distribution

Since 2000, TORYCOMS has been providing mobile contents service and providing novels, photo toon, characters, and VOD projects for various platforms. To realize the global platform service with OSMU business model in 2018, TORYCOMS became a family member with IMTV, an independent broadcasting production group.


Business Areas / Webtoon(Digital comic)

Toyou’s Dream Inc. was established in 2009 as a Webtoon production and has produced 300 titles for 10 years. Currently, we are one of the Best Webtoon productions in Korea, which has about 60 works on 20 platforms now. Since 2015, we have been making video contents based on the original Webtoon, so we can say that Toyou is a comprehensive contents company based on Webtoon. Our main contents are ‘Tong’ ‘Dokgo’ ‘Blood Rain’ series, which is growing and developing with a unified world view, we are not only try to do global distribution, but also to do collaboration and export our original Webtoon and videos with Japan/China partnership. Mobile movie [Tong Memories] (on Netflix) in 2016 and [Dokgo Rewind] (EXO Sehun) in 2018 were so successful in Korea OTT market, also these were exported to global market too. [Item](Joo Ji-hun), the MBC drama, was launched Feb 2019, received great acclaim as mystery thriller genre, and one another Webtoon [The Owner of Yeoui-do] will be launched as a TV drama soon.

U-Jewel Media

Business Areas / Webtoon production, Supply.

U-Jewel Media is developing specialized technologies by R&D and nurturing webtoon talents through virtuous cycle. We are developing specialized software, attaining 3D-based background graphic resources, all to aim for more quality webtoon production. Our record includes: <Goyose> recording 60-week #1 on Bomtoon platform through 2016 and 2017; <Namcheop(Paramour)> recording #1 for many paid platforms in2017. We are tapping on global market by expanding our audience to China, Indonesia and Thailand. This brought the result of < Namcheop(Paramour)> recording #1 in the paid section of Chinese Kuaikan, < Namcheop(Paramour)> and <Blood Link> topping the list at Thai Comico.


Business Areas / Webtoon, Digital Comics

ULTRAMEDIA Co., Ltd. is a company that produces and distributes comics produced in Korea and abroad into digital comics. It has been drawing attention from Korean and overseas platforms by planning and producing top-quality webtoons since its establishment. It is a transmedia company that takes the lead in the expansion into and activation of various secondary industries such as movies, drama, animation, characters, and games using the original work IP of comics (webtoons).


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