Apposter Inc.

Business Areas / Application, Smartwatch, Wearable

Apposter Inc. operates MR.TIME, the world’s number one watchmaking service based on the know-how of smart watch S/W technology.
‘MR.TIME’ is a simple procedure to create and apply watch faces, and provides various curation services and communication functions.
Launched in September 2015 in the global app marketplace(Google Play, Galaxy Apps, App Store), it has 1,000,000 downloads and 400,000 members.
We provide high-quality premium watch face sales and various functions to provide proven services with user needs and quality.


Business Areas / Production Pipeline Solution, Contents Production

C2Monster has been working in distribution, education and technical support fields of CG industry for the past 10 years. After gaining such useful experience, C2Monster has dived into the international digital contents and ICT convergence fields, ranging from technical support to contents development and production.

Creative Bomb

Business Areas / Education Game, Animation, Interactive Contents, Kids’ café

Creative Bomb is globally serviced edutainment contents. With our IP, ‘Boto the pink Dolphin’, we are developing Mobile education games, Animation(TV/IPTV/ mobile), VR/AR feeling contents.
In KDDI au smart pass market(Japan), we reached about $1,000 USD per month for mobile APP.
Now we are co- producing TV animation with Chinese animation production company and also, VR, AR contents, text books and interlocking instruments are under developing process.
We are making One source multi use contents through our IP, “Boto the Pink Dolphin”.

Fix Games Co.,Ltd.

Business Areas / Game / VR / AR / MR / XR Contents Developing & Publishing, Experience & Theme Park Solutions

Since established in 2008, FIX GAMES has been developing online FPS games “TI: Tactical Intervention” for Steam and other mobile games/applications. Now we are focusing on main business related to Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Theme Park Solutions such as “Charactorium” in Samsung’s EVERLAND. The company develops innovative new reality content (AR/VR/MR/XR) based on the global network for ten years and provides one-stop solution for theme parks that interact with worldwide users.

Goldenpig Ent.

Business Areas / GAME Develop & GAME Publish

Founded in July 2015, Goldenpig Ent. is a leading mobile game developer in Busan, South Korea. Our game have been published and distributed to mobile platforms Apple App Store, Google play store and almost mobile platforms in each countries.

Growing Seeds

Business Areas / Game Development & Distribution

Growing Seeds is conducting a project MazM to reinterpret classic novels and create them as games.
We have released world famous works such as ‘The Wizard of Oz’, ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ and ‘The Phantom of the Opera’. As a result, we will create new contents of story contents in the game market under the brand name of MazM, and expect achievements overseas in North America / Europe, China, Japan, etc. in the second half of 2018.

INAMU Co., Ltd.

Business Areas / Webtoon, Animation, Educational Contents, MD

We provide the only webtoon platform sevice in Korea that specializes in children. Calling ‘Inamutoon’. We have competitive contents IP and our own IP to provide family-oriented contents that not only children but also the whole family can enjoy. We are conducting OSMU projects in various fields such as animation, educational contents, toys, and MD by utilizing children’s webtoons and characters.


Business Areas / Game Development & Services / VR Game Development & Service / AR Game Development & Service

Nadiasoft is leading SMART platform game & VR & AR game development company in republic of Korea. spring 2018 year, Nadiasoft Inc start open servicing the Turn RPG “God Of Heroes” soon. SMART platform game and VR & AR platform game development and service.


Business Areas / Mobile application, web services, product design solutions

SCREW BAR INC. was established in 2016 for making and providing mobile application, web services and product design solutions.
We strive to differentiate ourselves by keeping it unconventional. We are not trying to be a high-tech lab nor a fancy studio. W run a casual service “bar”, harvest raw ideas and brew them into premium designs,. Originally is what we are starved for.


Business Areas / Technology convergence contents

Seerslab Inc., located in the United States (Palo Alto) and Korea (Seoul), is the first start-up of Y-Combinator in Korea’s media entertainment startup. Sears Lab is a laboratory of people who have the ‘Chollian’. We are making innovative and useful products through various and funny imaginations and attempts.
It has achieved 10 million downloads in the first half of 2017 and collaborates with a number of global companies such as Facebook, Disney, and Samsung, We are making various and innovative efforts in the field.


Business Areas /
· Produce and distribute comics Korea and overseas in digital format · Project and produce webtoon in a variety of genre
· Develop original contents into film, TV drama, animation, game etc

ULTRAMEDIA Co., Ltd. produces and distributes published comics in Korea and overseas (Japan and Europe) in digital form. Ultra Media has planned and produced about 100 webtoons of various genres, and it is known as the platform that plans and produces top-ranked works both domestically and abroad. Furthermore, Ultra Media is a trans-media company that promotes the transformation of comics (webtoons) and related intellectual property into films, dramas, animation, character products, games, etc., as a secondary industry.

Visual Light

Business Areas /Creating VR games

Visual Light is a VR specialized company that has produced motion recognition game <Hisactive>, <ART FIGHTER> using PC Kinect v1 and <ZOMBIE FIGHTER> using PC Kinect V2. Since it’s foundation on January 2011, VisualLight has been striving to provide novel fun and experience through combine various high-tech and contents. VisualLight intensively producing VR, AR game in recent years, release d VR Game <Throw Anything> on Steam in Feb, 2018


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