Business Areas / IP Licensing

Since its launch in 2008, BOOKCUBENETWORKS has secured content through exclusive publication contracts with more than 3,000 publishers and authors. The webtoon service, which started in 2015, focuses on contract with more than 200 writers and creating content that is desired by readers.

CK&B Co., Ltd.

Business Areas / Digital watermarking, Authenticity verification solution, DRM

Our competent staff at CK&B is endorsed with knowhow and expertise in research and development in the relevant fields of security, data hiding, multimedia, watermarking, and DRM. We exist to provide fast and reliable technical confrontation about our clients and the market. In addition, with the total number of 29 local and international patents being filed & registered, we are confident to protect the rights of content and product suppliers and ensure the safety of end-users.

Daon Creative Inc.

Business Areas / Webtoon, Web novel Planning, Distribution, Investment

Daon Creative Inc. specializes in distribution services of webtoon, online novels, videos and IP development & production in Korea and China. Currently it has released and distributed more than 200 works in Korea and China, and has independently developed and planned more than 80 works and introduced more than 15 works to Korea and the world markets (China, North America and Japan). In addition, Daon has co-produced and invested in the release of the comic works such as “Your Voice”, “I Had Become a Spice Girl When I Woke Up One Day” and launched into the market and produced a variety of secondary one-source multi-source (OSMU) contents such as TV dramas. Based on a Webtoon “Love Recipe” is being adapted into a TV DRAMA. Daon has released and distributed the famous Chinese webtoon such as “Legend of Elpis – Soul Land”, “Blue Wing”, “Untouchable Lovers” and “Throne Of Gods” in Korea as well as has released and distributed the famous Korean webtoon such as “They Say I Was Born A King s Daughter” in China.


Business Areas / Online PC & mobile games, AR/VR/XR games/ Educational Contents and Software development, and relative hardware, XR Center and Educational Services, Exhibitions and Location-Based Experience Solutions.

Fix Games was founded in 2008 and developed its online FPS game “Tactical Intervention,” which was released globally on STEAM. It then planned and operated the “Charactorium” theme park in Samsung Everland. Fix Games’s latest project is the opening of its global XR Centers in 2018. With its global network, Fix Games has continued to innovate in edutainment, human care, and eSports, to develop creative new reality contents, and to provide interactive one-stop solutions for arcades, experience zones, and educational centers worldwide.


Business Areas /Animation Planning, Distribution, Investment

Mflare started as a company specializing in edutainment in 2011 and has been verified with technical skills and operational know-how through 22 types of educational content app development. (Cumulative Download 6,500,000) In 2014, we developed a new type of multimedia video streaming book service called Iwing through user-participatory narration for existing paper books, E-books and Audio-Books We have our own technology to match picture book images and voice/user voice 1:1 and convert them into video files MP4 format audio content generated through RFID cards containing unique numbers and the company’s streaming book platform Iwing is developing and distributing a new concept picture book reader that automatically plays video players through TV, beam projects, and monitors through IWINGTV IOT devices .


Business Areas / Game Development

We have a team of experienced, competent and passionate team that has successfully launched 2016 God of High school Mobile Game. Through 15 years of development experience, we have been able to produce high-quality contents through systematic projects, and we are still in stable service with CBT in Google Play and One Store.


Business Areas / Mobile Game Developer / Publisher

SKYWALK is a mobile game developer / publisher based in South Korea. Founded in May of 2019, our goal is to provide our users with the best gameplay experience with high quality games. SKYWALK has brought innovative titles such as ‹Heroes of Atlan›, ‹Hero Sky›, ‹Everytown Sweet›, and ‹LINE Puzzle Everytown› to the global market, with more currently in development. We will continuously strive to provide games that are played and loved forever by many gamers all around the globe.


Business Areas / Webtoon Contents

TORYCOMS has been planning, producing and distributing webtoons since 2014. Now we are opening our own international webtoon platform( which includes livetoons and even VRtoon services. The fame of TORYCOMS’ webtoon PD Academy is internationally renowned.


Business Areas / Animation Planning, Distribution, Investment

“ was founded in September 2013 by a consisting experts of core developers in Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Educational Engineering Theory. It is a start-up company that began as to create a variety of mobile technology and learning curricula to help foreign language learners, and present advanced education methods to children and elementary school students to improve on their skills. Since its inception, has consistently research on mobile algorithms/ technology development, practice on educational engineering and theory systematically. Due to it, in 2014, we developed world’s best augmented reality technology converged with coloring using crayon and colored pencils, “Color PopUp”. We have filed a patent application for “Color PopUp“.

Zemi Interactive

Business Areas / Game Development

Established in July 2002, Zemi Interactive is originally a famous MMORPG PC game developer of 4Story and Travia. While 4Story began its development in the year 2005 and was successfully commercialized in the year 2007, the game still survives by being published in all European territories by Gameforge, the largest publisher in Europe. Travia Returns, a sequel to the once infamous title called Travia that reached 300K CCU in China is looking for partners in Europe, NA, Traditional Chinese Area and Southeast Asia after its successful domestic launch in Korea in Feb 2017.


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