CK&B Co., Ltd.

Business Areas / Digital watermarking, Authenticity verification solution, DRM

Our competent staff at CK&B is endorsed with knowhow and expertise in research and development in the relevant fields of security, data hiding, multimedia, watermarking, and DRM. We exist to provide fast and reliable technical confrontation about our clients and the market.
In addition, with the total number of 29 local and international patents being filed & registered, we are confident to protect the rights of content and product suppliers and ensure the safety of end-users.


Business Areas / Production Pipeline Solution, Contents Production

C2Monster has been working in distribution, education and technical support fields of CG industry for the past 10 years. After gaining such useful experience, C2Monster has dived into the international digital contents and ICT convergence fields, ranging from technical support to contents development and production.

Fix Games Co.,Ltd.

Business Areas / Game/VR/AR/MR/XR Contents Developing & Publishing, Experience Service & Theme Park Solutions

Since established in 2008, FIX GAMES has been developing online FPS games “Tactical Intervention” for Steam and other mobile games/applications. Now we are focusing on main business related to Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Theme Park Solutions such as “Charactorium” in Samsung’s EVERLAND. The company develops innovative new reality content (AR/VR/MR/ XR) based on the global network for ten years and provides one-stop solution for theme parks that interact with users worldwide.

MHMIND Co., Ltd.

Business Areas / Mobile billing and Payment, Blockchain trading platform

We service unified payment service called “PayRaiz”.
We have been in continuous partnership with leading payment providers in each country such as My Card(Taiwan), Cherry Credits(Singapore), MOLPoints(Malaysia), GameOn(Indonesia) and VTC(Vietnam) since we recognize the growth potential of the Southeast Asian market three years ago, and to support domestic developers to advance into the Southeast Asian market. We have already many partners have been offering or servicing apps in the Southeast Asian market with Payraiz service.


Business Areas / Technology convergence contents

Seerslab Inc., located in the United States (Palo Alto) and Korea (Seoul), is the first start-up of Y-Combinator in Korea’s media entertainment startup. Sears Lab is a laboratory of people who have the ‘Chollian’. We are making innovative and useful products through various and funny imaginations and attempts.
It has achieved 10 million downloads in the first half of 2017 and collaborates with a number of global companies such as Facebook, Disney, and Samsung, We are making various and innovative efforts in the field.

Toy’s Myth

Business Areas / IoT platform & solution, Customer analysis, Smart city, Smart school, IoT purification solution

Toy’s Myth has developed IoT platform/solution and runs a B2B business to manufacturers that want to build their own IoT products and services. We provide H/W and S/W as an all-in-one solution.
Toy’s Myth make partnership with Intel as a Global IoT partner and collaborate to develop ‘Smart IoT Gateway’ for smart city and smart school business.
Toy’s Myth has ‘Customer Analysis solution with IoT, Big-data & AI’ which analyze customers behavior and flow for off-line & on-line store.


Business Areas / Web development, ios development, Android Development

Victony started its business with the intention of making applications which are helpful to college students.Using the technology which automatically grades questions (quizzes), we effectively link students, teachers, and publishers. Victony will develop the educational utility service which helps teachers provide effective lectures and helps students study on their own. Victony is a startup which will create a better educational environment using the automatic question (quiz) grading service. The objective is to create a service in which the students and teachers will improve the lecture efficiency through the automatic grading service.

XrisP Co., Ltd

Business Areas /
– Planning & Producing Animation Contents
– Kids’ Cafe: Digital Interactive Indoor Theme Park

XrisP provides service on planning, producing and publishing for the creation of initial content source. XrisP is actively developing animation content <Rollercoaster Boy Nori> <Panda Wang> <Story of Bookworm GOGO > etc, for TV and movie ), hardware ( Nori Smart RC Car, Nori 4DX racer, VR/AR), and software (Nori RC Car app for iOS and Android).
XrisP is currently broadcasting TV series of <Rollercoaster Boy, NORI> with cooperation with the Chinese public animation company ‘HENAN YORK’, and New Zealand post-sound company ‘POW!’ Digitalized Nori Theme Park, scaled to a size of 3,300 m2 will be open in Germany and China.


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