Business Areas / Contents Solution

SOUL2ON Inc. is a specialized developer of content solutions established in 2015. As a developer of smart contents, we are developing not only S/W services, but also smart contents with H/W using contents solution technology developed by ourselves. We provide content services that realize the value of customers’ products and ideas.

Smart Study Co., Ltd.

Business Areas / Technology Convergence Contents

Smart Study Co., Ltd. is an entertainment company, that develops, produces, and services kid’s educational contents such as songs, short videos, mobile applications, and TV animation, under the brand ‘Pinkfong’. Pinkfong is an edutainment brand for children specializing in short animated videos and songs. More than 4,000 videos with colorful visuals and catchy songs, which are serviced on a variety of channels including Pinkfong mobile apps, YouTube, Amazon video, and other new media platforms, as well as linear TV across the globe. We also have created 125 educational mobile apps for children, recording 200 million downloads across 112 countries.


Business Areas / Technology Convergence Contents

Spacosa provides location information service or GPS tracking service applying GPS tracker and service platform of its own development. As a leading location information service provider in South Korea, the company is equipped with various technology and know-how to deliver quality service such as data processing, server management, S/W building and else, along with the competency to build quality device.

CK&B Co., Ltd.

Business Areas / Technology Convergence Contents.

CK&B Co., Ltd. is a global premier enterprise that protects brands’ copyright by providing companies with the anti-counterfeit solution, HiddenTag, It makes counterfeiters hard to produce low quality duplicates.

C2Monster Co.,Ltd.

Business Areas / VR Technology Convergence

C2Monster supports clients to create value continuously by developing and providing production-related solutions, 3D Storyboard, Blackhole 3D software for various clients in digital content industry. C2Monster’s “Wormhole- Pipeline management Solution”, “3D Storyboard authoring SW”, “Digital assets solution”is enables all users to engage in their production process in a systematic and integrated way with numerous functions, such as idea development, scheduling, real-time communication, content sharing, and advanced data collection. C2Monster presents optimized solution, training, and technical support for educational institutes, and small- and medium-sized productions as well as large productions according to their needs. C2Monster is based in the US ,INDIA, CHINA and Korea.


Business Areas / Game, webtoon, Contents olution,AR,VR, etc

IDEACONCERT Co., Ltd. is a specialized culture technology company that can make imagination a reality. 1. Technology development company specialized in developing culture related technology 2. Content specialist company planning and producing various contents such as education and game using Webtoon and Webtoon movie. 3. A company that plans, develops and operates a variety of service models.


Business Areas / Game

ANGames is a venture company specializing in game development and service in its 20th year. Since launching AstroNest in North America in 1999, we have developed various games on various platforms according to changes in the game industry and have specialized in research and development of strategic game genres. In 2014, <AstroNest: The Beginning> was launched as a self-publishing game to the global market and accumulated sales of 20 billion won in developing, servicing, and marketing. In 2018, the MMO strategy game called ASTROKINGS was launched in North America by soft launch in 2019, and the company is set to become a global #1 strategy company through global launch in 2019.


Business Areas / Game

Caret Games is established in 2015 with 6 members. Now we are 50 members. Caret Games is the best startup game company in South Korea that develops and services the mobile MMORPG game called “RebirthM”.
We are made up of a team with many years of experience in the fields of game development and business. Most of the key members are from major game developers and have developed numbers of MMORPG in past years.
In 2019, Our main goal is to go global with “RebirthM” and launch the second MMORPG called “Arcross Chronicles”. It will be the best high graphic Anima Style MMORPG to global users in 2019.

XrisP Co., Ltd

Business Areas / Technology Convergence Contents

“XrisP creates future through the use of ‘CRISPY’ and ‘CRUNCHY’ content.” XrisP provides service on planning, producing and publishing for the creation of initial content source. XrisP was founded in 2012 and actively developing animation contents (Rollercoaster Boy Nori, The story of Bookworm GOGO, Panda Wang, etc. for TV and movie), hardware (Nori Smart RC Car, Nori 4D racer, VR/AR) and software. XrisP is currently building Digital Interactive Kids playground in Germany, Korea and China based on its IP, ‘Rollercoaster boy, NORI’.


Business Areas / Game Development

We have many characters with global fandom. Among them, ‘Mobile Girl, MiM’ and ‘Pandadog & Friends’ successfully collaborated with global messengers such as Facebook, LINE and WeChat to increase their awareness. Now we’re developing a very unique social networking service called ‘Planety’ that combines characters. ‘Planety’ is currently being launched in Korea only and has a good rating of 4.5 or higher on iOS and Android.


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