Daliworks, Inc.

Business Areas / IoT, platform

Daliworks is looking for a company which needs a new IoT Platform or develop the services as our partners. We have worked with Smart factory, Smart building, and Smart farm, etc., and specialize in online B2B by suggesting an innovative IoT Platform system and improving relevant services. Daliworks suggests a new system and services only for you.

 Funnyeve Corporation

Business Areas / ICT

Funnyeve looks forward to meeting venture capital companies and investors as partners.

Funnyve is a creator of world-class fandom, mobile Girl, MiM, and Pandog & Friends. We partner with Facebook, WeChat, LINE, and Kakao to implement an efficient marketing strategy by exposing characters to their platforms appropriately. As a result, they are expanding their character’s fandom very quickly at a fraction of the cost of their competitors. Recently, we have strategically partnered with Watson to expand our capabilities offline.

Funnyve has developed a new concept of social networking service, Planety, using its strong character. It is currently in beta service in Korea and received a high rating of 4.5 or higher from 10,000 beta testers. Ahead of the global launch, we’re looking for an investor to develop with.


Business Areas / IT, Content, Animation

We are looking for a business partner who are willing to have agreement regarding contents (webtoon and cartoon or digitalized published comic) providing and re-production of contents into webtoon movie. We are also looking for a video platform business partner such as IPTV, OTT, or any other who are willing to publish webtoon movie that has been created by our team.

It was established with the aim of entertaining the world with its outstanding cultural skills. We’ve created a new genre of content called ‘Webtoon Movie.’ Webtoon Movie is a re-produced content in a lively video format with various video effects, camera effects, and sound effects in webtoons or cartoons. Webtoon movie is placed in the middle of cartoons and animations. This means that you can enjoy cartoons more easily and fun than comics, even faster and cheaper than animations. And for the content is in the form of a video, you can create new revenue by providing not only to webtoon platforms, but also to any media that has video services. Our company consistsof 25 people. There are technology development department and a creative research department in the company. The technology development department develops technologies for cultural contents and the creative research department develops webtoons and webtoon-movie content.


Business Areas / AR/MR

We are looking for a partner such as National Museum and National Gallery Museum Operating Agency. Also, we are interested in Large Shopping Mall, University Institution, Singapore MR (Mixed Reality) Technology Investors, Broadcasting Company, Promotion Agencies, etc..

LiveK has produced a variety of contents specialized in Hologram, Media Art, and Interactive Art technologies, and is focusing on the interactive showpark business in MR form by utilizing these media technologies. Recent trends regarding the deployment of Immersive space are changing to MR (AR+Interaction) that fills void space with media façade and projection mapping base rather than VR device. It also enhances interaction through users (objectors), media and sensors by utilizing IPs of contents such as characters or games. <MAR’S> Brand of ‘EvK’ is a brand of live K that represents content and technology platform using MR/AR technology, meaning brand identity that integrates all businesses that are applied to space by planning augmented reality, mixed-reality technology and related content. Also, we have 2 overseas branches in China. One is located in Hong Kong city and another is located in Shenzhen. And then, we have a partnership with OMEGA(Hong kong, Makau), ORANGE GROUP(China), DDB ASIA(Singapore). It proves our potential possibility that we can make a business over the world.


Business Areas / Fintech/Payment/Billing

Our ideal matching business partners are local payment service providers and cash transfer serice providers.

In 2010, We have focused on developing mobile payment systems that can be easily used by domestic developers and users. In 2011, We launched a simple payment service called “PayRaiz”. We have been in continuous partnership with leading payment providers in each country such as My Card(Taiwan), Cherry Credits(Singapore), MOLPoints(Malaysia), GameOn(Indonesia) and VTC(Vietnam) since we have recognized the growth potential of the Southeast Asian market three years ago. We are here to support domestic developers to advance into the Southeast Asian market. We already have many partners offering or servicing apps in the Southeast Asian market with Payraiz service.

Smart Study Co., Ltd.

Business Areas / Entertainment, Education, Content Creation, Animation

We want to have a partnership such as Education institutions, Contents platforms, and Licensees.
1. Educational Institution: Kindergarten operation company, early childhood education company
2. Contents platform: VOD service provider or contents providing platform company
3. Licensee: Company provided with consumer goods license (Clothing, school supplies, consumer goods
related to early childhood etc)

Smart Study Co., Ltd. is an entertainment company, that develops, produces, and services kid’s educational
contents such as songs, short videos, mobile applications, and TV animation, under the brand ‘Pinkfong’.
– Pinkfong is an edutainment brand for children specializing in short animated videos and songs.
– More than 4,000 videos with colorful visuals and catchy songs, which are serviced on a variety of channels
including Pinkfong mobile apps, YouTube, Amazon video, and other new media platforms, as well as linear TV
across the globe. We also have created 125 educational mobile apps for children, recording 200 million
downloads across 112 countries. .

Toy’s Myth Inc.

Business Areas / IoT, Big-data, AI

IT Business Specialist (Partner): We look forward to meeting with telecommunication companies or IT professional companies such as SINGAPORE TELECOMMUNICATIONS. Railway/ subway operators and related companies (customers): Singapore MRT, LRT, and Singapore Land Transport Authority (LTA) are tentative customers, We would also hope to meet high-speed rail related companies in Malaysia and Singapore.

Toy’s Myth is a company specialized in IoT and big data analytics and provides a ‘Total IoT solution’ that can set up IoT-based products and services.
We have a lot of experience in collecting and analyzing offline big-data professionally and have applied technology in various industries and commercialized. Such as Smart City, Smart School, Customer Analytics, Smart IoT purification, Smart MICE and TARS.
Toy’s Myth IoT solution can be applied various industries. We already deployed on shopping mall, shops, school, museum, exhibition center(Smart MICE), factory(purification) and SEOUL(smart city).

Unidocs Inc.

Business Areas / Software Development/ Distribution

Our ideal matching fields are:
* Education technology product distributors: vendors with local educational institutions or corporate distribution channels
* Education-related agencies: The Ministry of Education, the Office of Education, schools, and institutes
* Education Publishers: Companies interested in digitizing publications
* Local technology companies: An affiliate to enter the local or overseas markets

Unidocs has redefined how PDF is used in the document world from 2000. Our unique interactive PDF (eduPDF) has been the new momentum for creating and servicing interactive contents for education and publishing industries.
Multimedia, animation, and interactive features are live on PDF files.
Our newest product, LivePage Presenter, is an intuitive hardware and software solution that drives new user experiences for presenting or lecturing the contents in the classrooms and meeting rooms.
LivePage Presenter won an award 「2017 E-Learning KOREA BUSINESS MODEL」and advanced to 「GUESS EDUCATION AWARDS FINALIST 2019」.


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