BNF Games Co., Ltd.

Business Areas / Games software (PC web, Mobile, Console, etc)

We, BNF Games(, are an expert multi-platform game developer, developing games based on next-generation web standard technology(HTML5). We are focused on developing a game that is not limited by OS or browsers. We are focused on creating a game that can be played on Web, PC, Console, VR, IPTV etc and other devices or platforms. Now, we are developing so high-quality FPS game(tentative name ‘Project H5’) based on HTML5 technology.


Business Areas / Mobile Game Development

Caret Games is a company specialized in developing mobile games. The company developed Full 3D Mobile MMORPG ‘RebirthM’ in the end of 2017.The company consists of talented developers and they are developing games with passion.The company is trying to make a game which many people can enjoy and play for a long time, and the first is ‘RebirthM’. Caret Games services RebirthM directly in Korea and is currently preparing for global service.

FIX Games

Business Areas / Game development and publishing, theme park solutions, AR/VR

Since 2008, FIX GAMES has developed online FPS game “Tactical Intervention” for Steam, and other mobile games and applications. The company has expanded its focus to Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) online and arcade games and theme park solutions such as “Charactorium” in Samsung’s Everland. Fix Games continues to develop innovative new reality content (AR/VR/MR) based on its global network and provides one-stop solutions for arcades, theme parks, and educational centers worldwide.


Business Areas / Game Development, Game Publishing, Mobile App Development, Game related subsidiary business

Hammer Entertainment was established in March 2013 and is a specialized content group focused on game development, game publishing, and game related business.
We are currently developing two mobile games, and is currently negotiating with the rights holder to acquire bleach IP, the 14th Japanese comic book sales volume. Hammer Entertainment takes the strengths and relationships of people and people into account.
Think rationally and act faster than others about new things.
Based on 20 years of industry experience, we are proud of Hammer.

Nadiasoft Inc.

Business Areas / Mobile game and VR&AR Game Developers & Publisher

Nadiasoft is leading SMART platform game & VR & AR game development company in republic of Korea. We were develop and service an smart platform Music rhythm touch game at first. we are currently servicing full moon party game at world. and winter 2018 year, Nadiasoft Inc start open servicing the Turn RPG “God Of Heroes” soon. when spring 2019 year, Nadiasoft Inc start developion and open servicing VR Theme park game ” Project S”


Business Areas / Game media, Application, Marketing, Publisher

Monawa is a comprehensive media Inc., covering mobile games and PC online games which has a Korean market share of 95% game community ‘HungryApp’, game broadcast “HungryApp TV’ being transmitted through internet, and NO.1 pre-registration application ‘Mobi’ 4 million downloaded in GooglePlay.

Pebblekick Co., Ltd.

Business Areas / Game development, Distribution and Investment

Pebblekick, a mobile game developer / publisher, was founded in June 2016 by the people who desired to provide the best games with the highest quality to worldwide. We developed various games and serviced their games in the world. One of their most successful titles is Soul Warrior which is RPG game, Sniper Girls which is FPS game and King of Pirates which is shooing game. also mainly focuses on developing various games like Hero Maker.


Business Areas / Game Development, Publishing

Development of mobile game contents and service based on the global market
· Developing mobile games using our own IP, global IP, etc.
· Global localization of mobile games
· Local service with main market (Japan)
· Korea-Japan Mobile Game Publisher
· Local publishers cooperation
· A lot of Korea-Japan business network, and game cross business


Business Areas / Global Game Development, Production & Publishing

TRITONE, a mobile game developer / publisher, was founded in September 2009 by the people who desired to provide the best games with the highest quality to gaming users worldwide. TRITONE developed various games and serviced their games in many regions in the world. One of their most successful titles is “Puzzle Three Kingdoms” which was a popular mobile game in East Asia and is still on service. TRITONE also mainly focuses on developing games of the RPG genre, but will also invest in creating casual and social games as well. TRITONE plans on becoming a global company, captivating many audiences around the world.


Business Areas / VR/Mobile Games / Development & Publisher

It is UNIZSOFT Co., Ltd., a mobile game developer who provides pleasure!
It has been composed of development team members who have more than 10 to 16 years of commercialization experience.
Since 2005, CEO has participated in about 30 games development and publishing. We have tips in the game business.

Zemi Interactive

Business Areas / Game Development

Established in July 2002, Zemi Interactive is originally a famous MMORPG PC game developer of 4Story and Travia. While 4Story began its development in the year 2005 and was successfully commercialized in the year 2007, the game still survives by being published in all European territories by Gameforge, the largest publisher in Europe. Travia Returns, a sequel to the once infamous title called Travia that reached 300K CCU in China is looking for partners in Europe, NA, Traditional Chinese Area and Southeast Asia after its successful domestic launch in Korea in Feb 2017.


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