2017 MOIBA

Game & Webtoon


Business Areas / Game Development & Service, Animation, VR/AR

Creative Bomb is globally service edutainment contents. With our IP, ‘Boto the pink Dolphin’, we are developing Mobile education games, Animation(TV/IPTV/mobile), VR/AR feeling contents.
In KDDI au smart pass market(Japan), we reached about $1,000 USD per month for mobile APP. Now we are co- producing TV animation with Chinese animation production company and also, VR, AR contents, text books and interlocking instruments are under developing process.
We are making One source multi use contents through our IP, “Boto the Pink Dolphin”.


Business Areas / Webtoon Development & Service

The vital members of DANBICOMS&TORYCOMS started with PC communications Contents in 1998. And now they are experts in Wire-wireless contents planning, producing, distributing about Wire- wireless humors, Mobile toons, Net comics, PR comics, Flash animations, Mobile characters for about 20 years.

Korea Contents Network Inc.

Business Areas / Launching cartoon and webtoon production

Korea Contents Network is a leading CP(Contents Provider) of Korea digital cartoon business and cartoon specialized company and distributor for 23 years with owing the most number of Korean cartoon publication rights.

Co. Korea Data House

Business Areas / Webtoons / Comics contents & Producing solutions

Co. KDH is one of the best company specialized in producing webtoons/Cartoons, Management and producing solutions.
We have been making a progress about webtoons / comics contents business for last 10 years. Also, we are preparing for the global market with our own platform producing technology.


Business areas / Game Development & Service

Nbro company is an mobile games production based in Korea. Army vs Zombie no. 1 > Download (Global): 3,000,000 D/L
– Single-play campaign 200 stage(PvE)
– Story mode of over 200 unique characters
– Extreme item upgrade mechanism
– Real-time network game-play (PvP)
– Raid system, Guild system & war(RvR), Social features

NEW.F.O Corp.

Business Areas / Game Development & Service

NEW.F.O Co. Ltd. was founded on May 2011. Since foundation, we have been developing creative and characteristic mobile games with over10-years-experienced veterans and passionate young co- workers cooperating together. Our main games include ‘My Store: Let’s Get Rich(SNG)’, ‘Defence of Three Kingdoms(MOBA)’, ‘Denma(RPG)’. At the moment we are focusing on developing ‘Lookism’ & ‘ReturnKING’, which is a SLG & Defence genre game.

NPC Factory Co,. Ltd.

Business Areas / Game Development & Service

06 2016 : Established
08 2016 : ‘God of Soul Warriors which is RPG’ started to development. 02 2017 : ‘Soul Master which is RPG’ started to development.
04 2017 : ‘Bingo Online Battle which is RPG’ started to development.


Business areas / VR Contents Development &Game Development

YOUCANSTAR is a contents development company established in 2016 with vision of ‘a game making miracle’.
We are developing a variety of content based on the emerging virtual reality platform. We are producing console games based on PlayStation 4, XBoxOne, and mobile-based casual games.

ZIP-LAB Inc. Company

Business Areas / Develop web browser games (HTML5) Distribute and service web browser games (HTML5) Game outsourcing development

We are a rare web browser game developer in Republic of Korea. That is create the game using HTML5 and WebGL. We make amusing games. Our goal is ‘Whatever, Wherever you can play game just using Web browser’. Plus we also publishing oversea HTML5 games.

2017 MOIBA

Digital Convergence


Business Areas / Display Device Development & etc

Acts co. ltd. company is producing the high quality optical products in korea. We are leading the technology of the pico projector, HMD, and the kind of the specialized optical display device that based on the high optical and electronical tech. We hope to have a chance often to see you through our products in the world.

BlueCore Company

Business Areas / Mobile Development, Messaging Platform

BlueCore seeks to become a “small but strong company”.
Under the vision of convergence and innovation, providing creative and innovative services to our customers by making continuous efforts in R&D.


Business Areas / 3D Virtual tting, VR HMD

FXGear Inc. is an augmented reality (AR) and Virtual reality (VR) technology company founded by computer graphics experts. Based on a decade long experience of introducing cutting-edge computer graphics software solutions to visual effects, game, and mobile industry, FXGear provides distinguished AR/VR products and services to customers.


Business Areas / Webtoons / Drama, Movie Production based VR/AR

IMTV is a top production company known for its quality production and creative storytelling in Korea. Founded in 2001, IMTV has produced more than 50 titles for major broadcast stations Korea. It’s comprised of 7 teams and 104 staff. IMTV produces over 300 hours of documentaries, educational
programming, entertainment shows, dramas and movies. IMTV produces a range of diverse content across television and new media, such as VR Drama, VR Movies, VR Show, AR contents


Business areas / Digital Publishing Development & Printing Solution Development

LIFE CONTENTS’ PZLE service is a new service that categorizes the pictures according to time and makes the album composed of various contents.
Leveraging more than 300,000 design resources and more than 40,000 layout styles, it enables consumers to experience convenient, high-quality, automatic albums.
Consumers will pay attention to the very interesting results that are automatically combined with their own memories and various contents.


Business Areas / Kids entertainment, mobile app service, merchandising

Pinkfong is a fast-growing preschool brand that produces modern-day songs and stories to provide stimulating and fun learning experiences to children in the mobile era. Focusing on the concept of “Sing,Play & Learn,” Pinkfong offers a wide range of curriculum-based entertainment in the form of short videos, interactive apps and smart learning toys. Pinkfong’s mission is to deliver real educational value for our young audience across the globe in a fun and engaging way.


Business Areas / IoT Platform/Solution, Big Data

Toy’s Myth Inc. is an IoT start-up that was established in 2012. We provide IoT total solution to manufacturers without IoT capabilities so that they can easily, quickly, and affordably develop IoT products. We also provide Smart IoT Gateway in various forms of solutions along with the data analytics solution, and our customers can collect and analyze various environmental and population location data on the y.


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