Business Areas / Animation

Atoonz is a multimedia content group, established in May, 2000 . which is implementing character licensing and merchandising business while producing the flash animation, digital broadcast antimation,theater animation, and mobile entertainment contents. Currently it is producing Korean representative family animation <Hello Jadoo> TV series and theater animation, and implementing domestic/ foreign various character businesses including the teenager community site, web, production of online game contents, and service.

C2Monster Co.,Ltd.

Business Areas / VR Technology Convergence

Supporting customers with creating a variety of ongoing values, C2Monster developed and provided Software-Solutions for digital content industry. Wormhole-production pipeline system was developed to provide a systematic and integrated system to all users & artists who are involved in digital production. Our game for the elderly was designed to improve perception of senior people while aging to prevent the onset of dementia and improve their life quality.

Caret Games

Business Areas / Game

Caret Games is one of the best game companies in Korea, founded in 2015 by developers who have long been recognized in the Korea game industry. Caret Games have develloped the mobile MMORPG “RebirthM” as our first title, and it currently services in 36 countries in the world. In addition, we will acquire Webtoon IP, conbine various techonlogies with the latest trends, and capture the interest of both webtoon and game users. Our goal is to make the world an amazing game. We focus on developing high-quality games not limited to genres and plarforms..


Business Areas / Game

Danuon is a game company. We are making a VR Vocational Contents such as a barista and baker, we will make more vocational contents with VR to help people who need job training. We are publishing VR games and Contents which are made by Korean compaies.


Business Areas / Game

GRAMPUS is a S.korean video game developer and publisher of casual simulation game and Freemium games for the iOS Android and facebook gaming platforms. The company has developed more than 3+ games for various platforms.


Business Areas / Game

Macrograph is based on the highest level of ICT digital technology and has creative planning and content creation capabilities. Experiences in various fields such as new concepts of play, entertainment, education, sports, leisure and culture. The content and solutions of possible spaces are constantly being realized through research. Currently, the main ongoing businesses are MRX, KIDS PARK, AR, etc. Combining existing analog spaces with cutting-edge ICT digital fusion technology to maximize understanding and excitement through various experiences such as creative play, entertainment, education, leisure, etc. We aim to lead future businesses that create value.

Meerkatgames co., Ltd.

Business Areas / Game

Meerkatgames is a mobile game development company founded in 2014. In particular, specializes in Real-Time Battle Mobile Games. We will continue to develop more exciting Real-Time Battle Mobile Games.

The Plan G Co.,Ltd.

Business Areas / Game

The Plan G Co., Ltd. is an EduTech Startup established by four members in February of 2016 with its aim to realize the common value of “Learn, Share, and Live Together.” To offer equal opportunities in education and to create a new lifestyle for better world during the fourth industrial revolution through effective adapted learning solution that promotes creativity, convergence of knowledge, advanced technologies and digital citizenship.

Vespa Interactive

Business Areas / Game

Vespa Interactive is a game development company with global service capabilities. We strive to produce, and service games not limited to the mobile platform. We possess ambitious goals of becoming a world leader in game development.

XrisP Co., Ltd.

Business Areas / Technology Convergence Contents

World’s First Roller Coaster Character !
Full HD CGI 3D TV Animation Series
Target : 3 to 7, & Family
11 min X: 52 episodes
Nori is not a superhero. He is a tiny and timid rollercoaster boy who has an acrophobia, living in Nori Park. When an evil tycoon named Vegas threatens the peace of Nori Park, Nori and his friends stand up on their wheels to fight against Vegas!

Global Co-Production
XrisP : IP Holder / Planning / Design / Scripts / Storyboards
Henan York (China): Production / Investing
POW (New Zealand): Post-sound company

Worldwide Distribution : more than 20 countries & more than 30 channels
Korea : KBS2TV KTH (IPTV, on-line), MBN, Daewon Media(Champ), JE
China : CCTV-14, iQIYI, Youku, Tencent, Mango TV, etc. (8th in overall animation viewership & share rankings – Feb. 2019)
Europe : Germany, Spain, Russia, etc.
Asia : India, Myanmar, Vietnam, Mongolia, Indonesia, New Zealand, UAE, etc.
USA : Amazon Prime, YouTube


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