Business Areas / Education, Smart Learning

MoreDream was founded in June of 2015 as a startup company to focus on Middle East, North Africa and Southwest Asia regions to supply Arabic language solutions. Our first solution, FAST System for Arabic®, is the input apparatus for smartphone. Developing FAST System for Arabic is for users of Arabic language who want to use easy and convenient input apparatus on their smartphone but there has been no optimized solution for them. We have good market traction with FAST System for Arabic almost 850,000 downloads on Google Playstore and 45,000 users now use FAST System for Arabic in the World.


Business Areas / Education Content, Application

Established since 2017, JHEC is dedicated in providing exposure and education in robotics. JHEC is a start-up company but has strength in the field of innovation in education which aims at a future-oriented classroom, and provides immersive experience about cutting?edge ICT technology such as Robot, VR, AR, and Hologram. In addition, JHEC reached out global markets more than 10 countries in the world. In KSA, JHEC is supplying Smart Robot Albert and Smart Robot Coding School Solution to MISK Schools with Captivate Consultants.

INAMU Co., Ltd

Business Areas / Media Theme Park Interactive Contents

We provide and service interactive media content that the whole family can enjoy based on a fusion content and technology. We are conducting OSMU business in various fields such as theme park, digital contents, character, animation, webtoon platform.


Business Areas / Digital Interactive Indoor Theme Park for Kids2 <NORI PARK>

“XrisP creates future through the use of ‘CRISPY’ and ‘CRUNCHY’ content.” XrisP provides service on planning, producing and publishing for the creation of initial content source. XrisP was founded in 2012 and actively developing animation contents (Rollercoaster Boy NORI, the story of bookworm GOGO, Panda Wang, etc. for TV and movie), hardware (Nori Smart RC Car, Nori 4DX racer, VR/AR) and software. In 2018, NORI PARK, an digital interactive indoor playground using <Rollercoaster Boy, NORI’s IP are about to open in Germany, China and Korea.


Business Areas / IoT Cloud Platform

We, Daliworks, provide Thing+, Internet of Things cloud platform, that enable customers to build high speed, price competitive, scalable IoT services with proven reliability. Daliworks’ Thing+IoT cloud(SaaS) service delivers a full end-to-end solution to the problem of IoT service/solution development, operation, and management.


Business Areas / Location Information Service

Spacosa provides location information service, or tracking service, using GPS devices and service platform of its own development. With its 3G tracker, supporting global roaming, it will provide seamless tracking service from all over the world.


Business Areas / Software Development and Hardware Integration

Unidocs is the global leader in PDF technology for the mobile, PC, and web environments. We have provided various digital document solutions and led to paper-to-paperless transition. We also have innovated the static PDF technology turned into an ultimate choice for the interactive digital contents with many useful dynamic features – audio, video, animation, movable objects, and test modules. Please come and experience our disruptive PDF technology.


Business Areas / Production Pipeline Management, AR/VR, Contents Production

C2Monster has been working in distribution, education and technical support fields of CG industry for the past 10 years. After gaining such useful experience, C2Monster has dived into the international digital contents and ICT convergence fields, ranging from technical support to contents development and production.


Business Areas / Security, Data Hiding, Watermarking, DRM, Authentication, Multimedia, Document Security, IP Protection Solutions

Our competent staff at CK&B is endorsed with knowhow and expertise in research and development in the relevant fields of security, data hiding, multimedia, watermarking, and DRM. We exist to provide fast and reliable technical confrontation about our clients and the market.
In addition, with the total number of 29 local and international patents being filed & registered, we are confident to protect the rights of content and product suppliers and ensure the safety of end-users.


Business Areas / Content Creation, Animation Production, Licensing, Distribustion App devoloment.

SmartStudy is a global entertainment company specializing in developing animated and gaming content to deliver high-quality entertainment. Through SmartStudy’s preschool brand, Pinkfong, the company produces animated series and digital shorts to provide stimulating, fun, learning experiences to children and entertainment for families. Our award-winning animated songs and interactive apps encourage kids to sing, play, and learn, inspiring curiosity and imagination in children around the world. Our consumer product line includes sound books, plush toys, activity books, and learning devices that provide fun learning experiences. With nearly 4 million subscribers on its YouTube channels and 150 million app downloads, Pinkfong has become a favorite amongst children and families worldwide.

Screw Bar Inc.

Business Areas / Mobile application, web services, product design solutions

Screw Bar Inc. was established in 2016 for making and providing mobile application, web services and product design solutions.
We strive to differentiate ourselves by keeping it unconventional. We are not trying to be a high-tech lab nor a fancy studio. We run a casual service “bar”, harvest raw ideas and brew them into premium designs. Originally is what we are starved for.


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