Business Areas / Creating Html5 games and VR contents

Danuon is a mobile game company.
We are making a VR Vocational Contents such as a barista and baker, we will make more vocational contents with VR to help people who need job training.
We service a Html5 game mobile platform and looking for more Html5 games for our platform.

Valkyri Entertainment

Business Areas / Game, Character, Multimedia, Education, Smart Table

Valkyri Entertainment, the game development company specializing in games of popular genres in the short term through the development of the network.
We have strong contents. That is,
1. SBS Portris (Casual Game, 100 million downloads)
2. Keypet Break( Casual Game, 10 million downloads),
3. Keypet Characters by using keyboard and characters,
4. Media Box ( multimedia authering tool, 1 million downloads)

BNF Games

Business Areas / Games software (PC web, Mobile, Console, etc)

We, BNF Games, are an expert multi-platform game developer, developing games based on next-generation web standard technology(HTML5). We are focused on developing a game that is not limited by OS or browsers. We are focused on creating a game that can be played on Web, PC, Console, VR, IPTV etc and other devices or platforms. Now, we are developing so high-quality FPS game(tentative name ‘Project H5’) based on HTML5 technology.


Business Areas / Mobile App. / Sports & News / Social Networking Service

PSYNET Co., Ltd. is a leading mobile enterprise in Republic of Korea.
Our business, started from the mobile community, has recorded a remarkable performance in a wide range of mobile industries. We are continuing a very successful move, especially in the field of real-time information and community service on smart phone.
Based on this experience and know-how, we are striving to create new value in more areas in the future.

CK&B Co., Ltd.

Business Areas / Digital watermarking, Authenticity verification solution, DRM

Our competent staff at CK&B is endorsed with knowhow and expertise in research and development in the relevant fields of security, data hiding, multimedia, watermarking, and DRM. We exist to provide fast and reliable technical confrontation about our clients and the market.
In addition, with the total number of 29 local and international patents being filed & registered, we are confident to protect the rights of content and product suppliers and ensure the safety of end-users.


Business Areas / Production Pipeline Solution, Contents Production

C2Monster has been working in distribution, education and technical support fields of CG industry for the past 10 years. After gaining such useful experience, C2Monster has dived into the international digital contents and ICT convergence fields, ranging from technical support tocontents development and production.

AskStory Co., Ltd.

Business Areas / Artificial Intelligence, Smart Home, IoT

AskStory is a software development company with the goal of developing an artificial intelligence engine using big data technology and autonomic machine learning algorithms. AskStory now possesses a self-developed engine called AskI and plans to not only develop, but commercialize AI technology . In the summer of 2017, AskStory launched myOndo, a smart controller for air conditioners.


Business Areas / Webtoon, Webtoon movie

IDEACONCERT Co., Ltd. was established in September 2015 with the goal of bringing pleasure to the world with new cultural technologies.
TOONIVIE is a video production software developed by IDEACONCERT Co., Ltd.. Using TOONIVIE, various images including Webtoon can be easily made into video. TOONIVIE divides the image and adds the effect to produce the webtoon movie. Webtoon movie allows you to feel deeper impression and emotion. This has the effect of improving the quality of the contents, and it is possible to generate new profits.

Watcha, Inc.

Business Areas / Content Platform, Subscription VOD Service, OTT

With the vision “Personalize Everything”, Watcha, Inc. is currently providing two services, which are WATCHA and WATCHA PLAY. WATCHA is a personalized content recommendation service, enabled by users’ rating of movie, TV show, animation, documentary and book while WATCHA PLAY is a paid subscription VOD service on which users can watch movie, TV show, animation and documentary.


Business Areas / Web(Digital) Novel Platform Service

Appnovel is a global novel platform firstly specialized in India in which anyone can be a writer, reader and backer of creative novels. We aim to help aspiring writers- basically anyone who would like to express their creative minds in serial text- have space to share their novels, build their own fandom. Appnovel is just launched a beta service on Feb. 2018 in India, and now available to English and Hindi.

XrisP Co., Ltd.

Business Areas / Animation, Smart Toy, Theme Park Planning, Production, Publish

XrisP was established in 2012, continuously expands its business portfolio and develops additional IPs to become a Global IP Creator. XrisP creates (plans, produces, publishes) its own IP in a fusion of content, hardware, and software for global distribution. Based on the main character of animation series
<RollerCoaster Boy NORI>, XrisP produced smart toy named ‘Smart RC Car NORI’, and now building theme park ‘NORI PARK’ in Germany and China which will be open in the second half of 2018.


Business Areas / webtoon

DAUM WEBTOON, found in 2003, launched the world’s first vertical web-comics service called Webtoon.
Over 300 Korean top cartoonists such as Kang Full, Yoon Taeho, Cheon Gyeyoung, Hun have published over 700 original webtoons in DAUM WEBTOON.


Business Areas / Content Creation, Animation Production, Licensing, Distribution, App development

SmartStudy is a global entertainment company specializing in developing animated and gaming content to deliver high-quality entertainment. Through SmartStudy’s preschool brand, Pinkfong, the company produces animated series and digital shorts to provide stimulating, fun, learning experiences to children and entertainment for families. Our award-winning animated songs and interactive apps encourage kids to sing, play, and learn, inspiring curiosity and imagination in children around the world. Our consumer product line includes sound books, plush toys, activity books, and learning devices that provide fun learning experiences. With nearly 4 million subscribers on its YouTube channels and 150 million app downloads, Pinkfong has become a favorite amongst children and families worldwide.

Apposter Inc.

Business Areas / Wearable, App Development

Apposter Inc. operates MR.TIME, the world’s number one watchmaking service based on the know-how of smart watch S/W technology.
‘MR.TIME’ is a simple procedure to create and apply watch faces, and provides various curation services and communication functions. Launched in September 2015 in the global app marketplace(Google Play, Galaxy Apps, App Store), it has 1,000,000 downloads and 400,000 members. We provide high-quality premium watch face sales and various functions to provide proven services with user needs and quality.


Business Areas / Smart Table, Educational Contents, Theme Park

CloudKorea is a company that develops and launches various contents through smart package products and offers a new business model for smart education, counseling, and media café. Implement Big-Data business based on variously operating hardware products – TouchPlus & fusion software solution.


Business Areas / PC Canvas App. & Mobile App. Dev.

Grampus is a casual game developer established in Seoul, Korea in January 2014. It is a game called ‘Cooking Adventure’, achieving more than 7 million global downloads. In addiFon, it was selected as the best casual game of Google Play in 2017 in Europe / Southeast Asia including Korea. In parFcular, we have signed a mobile publishing contract with Cheetah Mobile, a global mobile publisher. We want to increase the contact points between our PC version and mobile games in the Indian market.


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