Business Areas / Webtoon Development & Service

The vital members of DANBICOMS&TORYCOMS started with PC communications Contents in 1998. And now they are experts in Wire-wireless contents planning, producing, distributing about Wire-wireless humors, Mobile toons, Net comics, PR comics, Flash animations, Mobile characters for about 20 years. We planning to build a webtoon platform in the first half of this year.


Business Areas / Contents Producing, Publishing and Platform operation.

THE BALANCE is carrying out many business regarding mobile contents such as game and WebToon.

From WebToon Productions, distribution and platform operations, we are doing business across the entire webtoon business. Until now we have secured more the 300 local and overseas WebToon licenses and we are doing production outsourcing and training business. In addtion, we are running the WebToon ASP platform in Korea. Currently we are preparing to launch a webtoon platform based on advertisement model in thailand by using our partner pool accumulated through game publishing business for many years.

Regarding the game business, we are publishing both mobile and HTML5 games not only for Google and iOS but also more than 60 local channels operated by local telecoms


Business Areas / Webtoon/comic Planning, Distribution, Investment

Mootoon is a webtoon platform that draws and directs a man’s favorite webtoon with a famous martial arts cartoon series domestically to distinguish it from the existing webtootun company.
It will be possible to carry out the additional rights-rights business through the recruitment, production and sourcing of the artist directly, and it will be strongly appealed to the male readers of the 30s ~ 50s in Korea with specialized services. Currently, we are in the process of making the best selling works of the martial arts comic books to the web.


Business Areas / Contents platform

The Korean webtoon content is searched and translated, and the webtoon platform is serviced overseas, and the monthly fee, advertisement and other additional revenue (OSMU) are created.

INAMU Co., Ltd

Business Areas / Webtoon, Animation, Educational Contents, MD

We provide the only webtoon platform sevice in Korea that specializes in children. Calling ‘Inamutoon’. We have competitive contents IP and our own IP to provide family-oriented contents that not only children but also the whole family can enjoy. We are conducting OSMU projects in various fields such as animation, educational contents, toys, and MD by utilizing children’s webtoons and characters.


Business Areas / Webtoon, Webtoon movie

IDEACONCERT Co., Ltd. was established in September 2015 with the goal of bringing pleasure to the world with new cultural technologies.
TOONIVIE is a video production software developed by IDEACONCERT Co., Ltd.. Using TOONIVIE, various images including Webtoon can be easily made into video. TOONIVIE divides the image and adds the effect to produce the webtoon movie. Webtoon movie allows you to feel deeper impression and emotion. This has the effect of improving the quality of the contents, and it is possible to generate new profits.


· Produce and distribute comics Korea and overseas in digital format
· Project and produce webtoon in a variety of genre
· Develop original contents into film, TV drama, animation, game etc

ULTRAMEDIA Co., Ltd. produces and distributes published comics in Korea and overseas (Japan and Europe) in digital form. Ultra Media has planned and produced about 100 webtoons of various genres, and it is known as the platform that plans and produces top-ranked works both domestically and abroad.
Furthermore, Ultra Media is a trans-media company that promotes the transformation of comics (webtoons) and related intellectual property into films, dramas, animation, character products, games, etc., as a secondary industry.


Business Areas / IT, Contents, Applicationn Service

eTRIBE, established in 2006, is an IT and contents company continuously growing with the average of 37% yearly sales growth rate.
eTRIBE began its business in domestic market then expanded globally since it started its App contents business in 2012. While releasing apps like It’s me! Peter Pan, FantaSticker, and Pororo Playbook, eTRIBE’s influence in educational contents has been outstanding as it maintained #1 place in IOS book market for a whole year.
The company recruited additional game development professionals to strengthen its mobile contents business in 2013 and launched My Larva and Yokai Watch of Bandai in 2014. Its third mobile game Larva Extreme is scheduled to be launched in May, 2018.
eTRIBE’s ultimate goal is to further develop the Larva and other character games in partnership with global animation contents to extend their success to unique animation IP games.

Korea Contents Network Inc.

Business Areas / Launching cartoon and webtoon production

Korea Contents Network is a leading CP(Contents Provider) of Korea digital cartoon business and cartoon specialized company and distributor for 23 years with owing the most number of Korean cartoon publication rights.

Prism Media Co., Ltd.

Business Areas / Webtoon & Comics

We have global mobile webtoon webtoon application powered by crowd sourcing translation. We are looking for international publishers for our Ips and also webtoon contents, especially overseas.


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